Hello and welcome on my website 😀

My name is Afra, 24 years old, from the Netherlands. My day to day job is working as a data analist. Sounds pretty boring huh? Well, you can see data as a puzzle, so if you like a challenge, it’s the best job in the world!

But I didn’t start this site the promote the data analist jobfield ;). I started it for my other passion: food. Personally, I love to bake. Cake, pie, muffins, and much more. I can’t get enough. But I also get excited about a good stir fry or a nice oven bake. Since I work fulltime, time is short, so I’m always on the hunt after quick and easy weeknight recipes.

This site is meant for people in the same situation as me: busy weeknights, free weekends. I like this site to be a reference, to fall back on if you need inspiration. I will mostly be posting recipes I come across which I believe are really nice (and easy)! But sometimes I will post my experience with certain recipes and the end result.